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For children

For our little quests we have a fenced playground with a trampoline, swings, a slide, a big courtyard with grass, a sandpit and sand molds, a garden house. In case of bad weather, there is a children´s corner inside the Villa Victoria with a plenty of toys and books, games, baby buggies, dolls etc... Our animals in our mini ZOO are looking forward to children and their parents.

  • EVIČKA, a she sheep, two little lambs which already have names: MARIAN, a he lamb, and KIKAm a she lamb.
  • LÍZINKA, a little goat
  • rabbits, MUCO-white, KUCO-brown
  • dogs NANOK and ŠARKA


Uncle Milan, the cook, cooks for hungry stomachs small portions of dishes which will taste your kids too!!! Chairs for children and an infant seat is available. To your room you can rent a children´s bed, a swaddle table, a chamber pot, a stool to the wash basin. At the Villa Victoria there is a small kitchen where mothers can prepare a tasty snap, snack, warm up milk or porridge or put food into the fridge. Kitchenware is available – you do not have to take anything with you! A children´s company will be kept by our Victoria who cannot wait seeing you! If you should miss something in our offer or if you have special wishes I, aunt Žaneta, together with the personnel of Villa Victoria in Liptovský Ján will do our best to fulfill it.